Thursday, 30 May 2013

Khala Ji | Raj Kakra | Beat Minister | Official Video 2013

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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Saada Haq 2013 May 10 Punjabi Movie Full Online Watch

Saada Haq Full Movie

Saada Haq now becomes the most awaited film of the season after the first movie trailer. Saada Haq is being rated as one of the most awaited films of 2013.  Saada Haq is expected to release in May10, 2013.
Status: Complete
Release Date: May10, 2013
Runtime: TBA
Box Office Verdict: TBA

Saada Haq Synopsis

Not often there are films which shows the real side of events as and when happened, but whenever these kind of films happen they are a master piece and phenomenal in their own distinctive way. As attached to them is a truth which makes the film to stand apart and which adds an incredible credit to the film ‘Sadda Haq’ a film by OXL Films reputed production house of India, is going to be one such sensational flick depicting the real picture of Punjab during late 80’s and early 90’s. This is going to win the hearts of audience by storm. The unchecked use of torture made the period 1980’s to mid-1990’s one of the most disturbed and disruptive period. ‘Sadda Haq’ is a fictionalized take inspired by real events by that period.
Director Mandeep Benipal tried to craft awe – inspiring creation of the tear jerking reality in ‘Sadda Haq’ Mandeep Benipal has tried to strike perfect balance of history and emotional urgency and hence crafted a heartrending well-paced film which not only entertains but educated well. It has been his true Endeavour to make this flick solemn as well as entertaining at the same time. He tried his level best to fabricate the movie with real episode of history.
Historically charged ‘Sadda Haq’ would be an action packed; true and memorable film that at once would be both intimate and authentic. Well finished performance by Kuljinder sidhu, Dinesh Sood, Dhritu Saharan, Dev Kharod and Gaurav Kakar will add the entire color and spark to the film. If Punjabi cinema is giving you the opportunity to see the excruciating history of Punjab through its eyes, grab the opportunity and get a realistic feel in a dramatized version.

Saada Haq Full Movie Cast and Crew

Banner: Oxl Studio
Language: Punjabi
Genre: Drama/Historical
Producer: Nidhi Sidhu | Kuljinder Sidhu
Director: Mandeep Benipal
Star Cast: Kuljinder Sidhu | Gaurav Kakkar | Dhriti Sharan | Parmod Moutho | Yaad Grewal | Dev Kharoud | Dinesh Sood
Cassettes and CD’s on:
Music Director: Jatinder Shah
Action: Darshan Mahal
Story/Writer: Kuljinder Sidhu | Jaggi Kussa (Dialogues)